History of the family Wiedenhoff

In the photo next, you see a very young Johannes Wiedenhoff (photo 1). This picture was taken in Palembang in the Dutch Indies, now Indonesia. It's my father and still having hair. Which at the moment he hasn't that much left <beg>.

At the moment we are trying/searching to find out the background of the family. We have started not that long ago and so far we arrived at the year 1852 when Jan Coenraad Wiedenhoff was born. On the next page it is the man in both pictures.

As he was married twice, it led to 2 separate branches in this branch of the family. Locally known as the Ermelose and the Rijswijkse branch. The Rijswijkse branch is the one from his first marriage and that's the one we come from.

On the bottom picture right, you see the same man as in the picture above, as a baby, with his mother, his grandmother and his great-grandmother (photo 3). This picture was taken in the Dutch Indies. My grandmother on the right died during WW2 in a Japanese camp. My "step"grandmother is still alive and lives in Mallorca Spain. As you can see in the tree, they were sisters.

Would you believe he married the little girl in the middle photo? (photo 2) He did! in 1954. It's my mother between her parents. On the left is my grandfather Franciscus Pennings (so now you know where my name comes from <g>) and on the right my grandmother Catharina van de Goorberg. My grandmother died when my mother was a small child and my grandfather died when I was in primary school. My parents didn't had just me, but also my younger sister Jacqueline, who sadly passed away recently (photo 6). If that wasn't enough this year, on the 30th of September 1999 my mother died of the result of a couple of severe strokes. She died one day short of their 45th wedding anniversary. (photo 7)

My father is the oldest of his family. There a two more uncles and two more aunts. There is, besides my father, Huib, Heleen, Lottie and Cor Wiedenhoff. All are married and having children. There are too many cousins and nieces to name them all on this page. The last page will have the total tree of the family, as far as we know it!



The next branch of the family tree

The father of Joop, Huib, Heleen, Lottie and Cor Wiedenhoff was called Johannes Hendricus Antonius Wiedenhoff and he died in 1956 after living a fruitful life. He was born on the 28th July 1903  in the town of Den Haag. He was married to Henrichs and he was one of 7 children. The other six are called Magaretha Maria (8/11/1905), Petrus Josephus Theodoor (25/12/1911), Anna Petronella Maria (22/10/1914), Helena Maria (4/2/1916), Wilhelmina Maria (8/7/1918) and Jan Coenraad Jozef Maria Wiedenhoff (10/5/1923)..

Their parents were Jan Coenraad Jozef Wiedenhoff (12/6/1880) and Helena Agatha van der Voort (26/1/1878). Jan Coenraad Jozef also had one sister called Anna Jannetje Petronella (9/9/1876) and four stepbrothers. All  these stepbrothers were from Jan Coenraad Wiedenhoff (1852) from his romance with his future second wife Annemarie Sauvage. When he was living in Rijswijk Jan Coenraad Jozef was a wethouder (alderman) and an architect/carpenter.

Jan Coenraad, (picture top right photo 4) as seen as an old man with his second wife Annemarie Sauvage and their granddaughter Anna Marie (born 28/8/1912), was born in Amsterdam in the year 1852. He died in 1936 in Den Haag. From his first marriage to Anna Petronella Altorf (born 20/10/1843) he had 2 children. Jan Coenraad Jozef (born 12/6/1880) and Anna Jannetje Petronella (9 September 1876). From his romance and later second marriage he had 4 children, Francois Joseph (born 20/04/1885 (from him came the Ermelose branch)), Jan Willem, Frederick Mathieu and Joseph. On the picture down right (photo 5 ) you see Jan Coenraad with his second wife and their four children.

This is as far as we know the family history

We do have some loose threads, like Ariaantje Wiedenhoff (fem. abt. 1795 in Amsterdam) or John Daij born in 1747 in London, parents were Franciscus Daij and Anna Wiedenhoff, which means that she must be born in the early 1720's, Charlotta Dorethea Wiedenhoff who died in Den Bosch on the 13/10/1834 and Johannes Nicolaas Wiedenhoff born in 1868 son of Jan Coenraad Wiedenhoff and Lamberta Gloeijsteen. Charlotte Amalie Wiedenhoff who was born in 1790 and died on 31 august 1859 in Duisburg Germany and was married to Wilhelm Theodor Scherrer. Her father was Johannes Wiedenhoff, which seems to be a common name in our family.

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